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A new generation of enterprise WLAN infrastructure

Extricom is the designer and manufacturer of an award-winning enterprise Wireless LAN system which represents a new generation of WLAN infrastructure for providing secure user experience even for apps that need lots of bandwidth over wireless with the dependability and performance of the wired network.

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Extricom’s unique wireless system delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, at the same time as achieving a performance leap in capacity, coverage, and seamless mobility. All this, while making deployment and management radically easier.

While adhering to the 802.11n standard, Extricom’s patented, architecture takes a new approach to the way the infrastructure is deployed. At the heart of Extricom’s innovation is the “channel blanket” topology, which allows each Wi-Fi channel to be used everywhere, on every access point, to create blankets of coverage.

The result is a completely different experience for the user: significantly greater bandwidth and coverage than traditional WLANs, seamless mobility with no AP-to-AP handoffs, the elimination of RF cell planning and co-channel interference, and the ability to offer a performance guarantee for both connection rate and bandwidth. This is the best of the wired and wireless worlds – the simplicity, flexibility, and performance of wired networks, together with the mobility and ubiquity of WLANs. Extricom customers include corporations, hospitals, schools, logistics centers, and sports stadiums. Whether it is for increased capacity, support for mobile VoIP, or to more effectively serve diverse groups of users.

Key Benefits:

  • True seamless mobility
  • Highest throughput & capacity
  • Eliminates co-channel interference
  • Fast, easy and simple deployment
  • Lowest TCO

Wireless LAN Switches

Extricom’s WLAN switch line consists of 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11a/b/g products, with a range of port quantities, to provide both entry-level and advanced enterprise capabilities that match the current needs of your enterprise, and enable future expansion.

Extricom MS-500 (PDF)
Extricom MS-1000 (PDF)

Enterprise Wireless Access Points

Extricom’s access point line includes 802.11a/b/g/n products for throughput-intensive applications, as well as 802.11a/b/g products.

Extricom RP-33n (PDF)
Extricom RP-32n (PDF)
Extricom RP-22En (PDF)
Extricom RP-30n (PDF)
Extricom RP-40En (PDF)

Wireless Network Software

Extricom’s software product family includes the Extricom Operating System for MultiSeries 500 and MultiSeries 1000 switches, as well as the Extricom Network Management System (EXNM-2000).

Extricom Operating System (EXOS) (PDF)
EXNM-2000 (PDF)


Extricom offers a range of accessories to help you maximise the benefits of your WLAN and simplify deployments.

EXMC-1000 Media Converter (PDF)
EXRE-1000 PoE Range Extender (PDF)

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